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Message from the president
Koichi Horii, President

Toward a company of innovation and the future

The limited liability company Daikoku Medical Instruments Store, the predecessor of Daikoku Medical Co., Ltd., got its start in October 1952 as a company to assist medical institutions. The founder, Shigeji Horii, had no knowledge or information about the medical field, but he jumped into the industry because of his desire to help with the safety and security of the medical front lines.

Since then, we have devoted ourselves to the pursuit of what is necessary in the medical scene. Particularly in the modern medical setting, the progress in advanced technology has made it a major challenge to deal with people and information on site. We are committed to improving our knowledge, not merely as a vendor of medical instruments but as a chosen company that is needed by medical institutions and able to fulfill our responsibilities.

In the 21st century, the medical environment is increasingly required to provide safety and security to patients. We strive to meet those needs as well. We support the computerized management of usage information, that is, who used which medical equipment to treat which patient in the hospital. We also support computerized cost control services on a department-by-department basis to guarantee the safety and security of hospital management. As a global company with the spirit of “creation and evolution” which is the legacy of our founder, we will continue in our bold and resolute endeavors.

Daikoku Medical Co., Ltd. aims to contribute to society through the sales of medical equipment and through innovation.

  1. We strive for more open management practices.
  2. We engage in innovative projects.
  3. We are committed to patient safety and security.
  4. We emphasize compliance.
  5. We actively promote social contribution.


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